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About us

Perched on the Northern edge of Skagit Valley, our family's twenty acre farm and woodlot became home in 2016. 


Our focus is to be good stewards of the land.  With the kind support of Skagit Conservation District and NRCS, we've worked to implement good farm and forest management practices.  We keep beef in the pasture during the summer, and to date have planted 1,650 trees in our forest.  With an eye to the future, we strive for sustainable resources.

We were introduced to portable sawmilling after a storm fell about a dozen good size trees Fall of 2018.  Recognizing the trees were too nice for firewood, and in need of some sizable beams to repair our 90 year old barn, we put two and two together and hired Timberline portable sawmill.  Not only did they do a fantastic job for us, they opened my eyes to a world of possibility, to something that is genuinely fun and a little exciting...  Seeing logs from our forest turn directly into useful lumber, giving both the trees and the building a second life, is satisfying and a little poetic.

Needless to say I got the itch, and with the enthusiastic encouragement of Anthony and Julie at Timberline PS, we decided to start Skagit Portable Sawmill.


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