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All saw milling is 100% customized to your specifications.

Our mobile sawmill is a Woodmizer LT-50 wide head.  It can handle up to ~42" diameter logs, with a maximum cut width of 34", and length of 20'6".  The mill is fully hydraulic and Accuset2 controls help to maximize yield from your logs.  Check out the stock Woodmizer video below to see it in action.

On-site equipment is often helpful for moving logs and finished product.  We can bring our 65 hp tractor if requested.  Typically equipped with forks, and we can chip waste as well.

Rates by the board foot apply to sawn product.   Note, we will do our best to advise which logs are "worth" milling.  

Jobs of less than 1000 bdft will be quoted lump sum.  For very small jobs, the most cost effective solution is to bring the logs to us (i.e. small chunks of wood that can be easily loaded into a truck or car).

$0.55/bdft for 2"+ thickness, applies to boards, slabs, beams and posts

$0.65/bdft for 1" thickness
$+0.15/bdft  extra charge for oversize logs (30"+) AND slow cutting logs 
       -Oversize logs require extra handling of heavy cants and take more time and                      muscle to mill than smaller logs.  
        -Tight grain Douglas Fir and Spruce are examples of very slow cutting logs, though            usually yield top quality lumber.  Common in rain shadow areas near the coast in              Skagit County.
$135/hr for non-standard milling

$1.75/mile travel fee beyond 10 miles 
$25/hr for a helper if client not available to assist with board offloading 
$40-75 per damaged blade

If metal or rocks is encountered during sawing, the blade is typically damaged beyond repair and a charge will be applied for each broken blade to cover cost of the blade and shipping.

Bi-metal blades are $75, standard blades are $40.

Tractor 65 hp
    -$125/hr and $200 delivery fee plus mileage 

    -Can chip waste material on request

Ask about our woodshop services as well.  Planing, shaping, and moulding.  $90/hr 

Kiln Drying 

Our kiln is housed in a 24' reefer shipping container.  At the heart is a Woodmizer KD250, complete with moisture probes, humidity control, automated vents, and auxiliary heater to achieve a 160F pitch set.  Min and max capacity is 800 bdft and 3000 bdft, respectively.  Max board length of 22'. 

As drying times can vary based on species and board thickness, drying service costs may vary.  We will estimate a fixed lump sum for the load of wood based on the expected duration.

Kiln schedules are developed in combination with:

  • Dry Kiln Schedules for Commercial Woods, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

  • Dry Kiln Operator's Manual, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

  • Drying Hardwood Lumber, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

  • Nyle dehumidification kiln manual and  Drying Rate Index

  • Industry recognized safe drying rates, based on specific wood species and thickness of lumber being dried

As wood is varied and sometimes unpredictable, we cannot guarantee or warranty the product.  We will, however, strive to produce the best possible product.  

$0.70/bdft ~1000 bdft   
$0.60/bdft ~2000 bdft
$0.50/bdft ~3000 bdft
Prices above are based on 1" thick softwood.  Price increases with thickness and wood hardness, as the required drying time substantially increases.  See Table 7-33 of the Dry Kiln Operators manual for relative drying time estimates.
Questions? We'd be happy to discuss and provide a quote!
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